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About Us

Careview uses affordable, easy and modern technology to help close the exclusion gap, whilst improving the quality of care provided in Health and Social Care.

Our Work 

At Careview, we have a passion for improving the quality of lives of people in care. Technology is fastly advancing in most industries, but the care sector is often left behind. Careview is specially designed to enhance internal governance systems and promote inclusive, person-centred collaborative care planning.

Our goal is to reduce the inequality gap for people with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health and Autism.


Careview is built from a talented team of individuals with creativity and drive to exceed our clients’ needs. These qualities are what propel our company forward. Each member brings something unique to the table, but we share a commitment to providing high-quality products. Learn more about our core values below.




Our mission is to support care providers to deliver good quality care using our unique, innovative and modern technology designed by social care experts.

We try to put ourselves in your shoes and understand the pressure you endure every day as a care provider. Our team of experts are continuously developing new technologies to support care providers to work more effectively. 

Generosity is our core value; our intention is not only to provide you with software, but our team of Social Care Experts are also available to support you to implement change locally in your service

Our Values

Our Pledge

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Almost every aspect of our lives have been modernised and require modern technology. However, the social care sector is mostly still locked into old systems.

The UK government announced its new Long Term Plan which requires all secondary healthcare providers to transition to digital records by 2023.

Careview has pledged to improve technology for the social care sector, and we are passionate about transforming care and supporting the Long Term Plan.


Careview is a secure, modern single-page application which uses the latest technologies to securely authenticate and transfer data between client and server. Under the hood, it utilises secure tokens to communicate with an AWS backend built partially on a server-less approach. The platform auto-scales itself and will spin up additional nodes based on demand. 

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